Sweatcoin – how to earn digital coins by staying healthy


The Sweatcoin is an app designed for the users who usually do not care for their health. The users when have some chances of making money then definitely they will work on their health. Therefore, the aim of this free downloadable app is to keep people and its users healthy and fit. The app records the user’s steps whenever they move out of their houses. Not only this but the make money for their walking and jogging. There is another way to make money in this app by Sweatcoin Hack that can also gain handsome amount of money.

Know about the kinds of awards and rewards

There are various kinds of awards and rewards users can avail by the coins and points of the app. These rewards are in the form of gifts of health items like protein bars, energy drinks, digital watches, magazines, and running shoes and many more. Investing in Sweatcoins improve the health and wellbeing of the users.

How earning points can be start?

After downloading and registering the app in your mobile devices, the users get 1 Sweatcoin for 1000 steps taken. More points and coins can be gained by walking and jogging daily. The users how many steps take as well as Sweatcoin Hack use become digital points and coins of the app. After gaining good amount of coins users can earn them through Paypal and Amazon gifts.

Works well even battery is at end

The Sweatcoin app works in the background and works well even when the battery is about at its end. The app of course designed in this way the app works continuously and has battery saver mode. That’s why there is no need to be worry about its performance and credibility.

Mover and shaker level of the app

The app has mover and shaker level membership. The mover level gets the users earn 5 Sweatcoins daily. One the other side, shaker level membership is paid membership to earn the app cryptocurrency. These are the reason and points which make the app more popular.